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Staurogyn Repens still Struggling

Ok this is likely the end of my attemp to keep Staurogyn Repens in the "Grow Out Tank"

This plant just doesnt seem to like anything i do submersed so i'll go emmersed for now to save the batch. (I Found that No breathing holes and HIGH humidity is the key with this plant emmersed until the stems darken then it seems ok with less humidity)

Submersed on the other hand has been a nightmare
my last thread ended in too much light as the problem but now that i raised the lights to 3ft above the aquarium my HC is Melting and the Staurogyn just took a little longer to go south..
Previous thread
Trouble Keeping Staurogyn Repens, GSA & Curling leaves HELP!!

Current Params:
Lights = 2 LED Floods Home Depot 5000k 110watt each supposedly? (Now Considering 24" Finnex Ray 2 to replace)
KH = 3
C02 = Greenish Yellow Drop Checker
GH = 10 Lowered from 12+ (over the past few weeks)
Temp 72

Persistant Problem:
same stunted new growth - on the Staurogyn Repens
curling leaves - mainly on S. Repens - is it possible to have a Ca deficiency with GH boost and a 10-12 GH?
Some leaves are falling off - On Staurogyn and Now Rotala Rotifundunda
Brown stuff on the edge of many of the plants. - on most plants
The GSA has receded on most plant leaves and glass

What i have done:
Added even more flow
Turned C02 on earlier for more saturation
raised lights to 3ft (will be lowing back down 2.5ft)
Same Dosing Regime (Ei) Plantex Cms+b, NPK, K, GH Bosst
Added xtra P04 (for GSA)

Here is a pic of the curling leaves and browning dust that is my HC also.



Any suggestions??

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