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Originally Posted by suprdave View Post
Hi all,

I am still looking at replacing the HOB that my aqueon 36 gallon bowfront came with. It looks like the general consensus is that a canister filter is the way to go if you want silent. And by silent, I do mean silent - I don't want to hear it

I am having a hard time finding how exactly they work - is it essentially moving the motor that a HOB has inside the tank into the "canister" area, and you have a intake tube and an output tube? Appears that way, but I don't want to drop $100+ and find out it ain't gonna work for me.

This tank sits on a stand that is a couple feet high and 13" wide on both sides (separator in the middle), so most should fit in it it appears.

Thanks for the recommendations in advance!

Edit: This one has some pretty good reviews, and 4 pages of comments saying it's quiet:
I have one of the aquatop filters and it is dead absolutely dead quiet. it is a beast of a filter, about the size of a desk side trash bin lol which is not a bad thing
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