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If you go CO2, then we can modify.
If not, use the Excel the way I mentioned.

5mls per 10 gal of tank each day.
Add more plants.
Cut the ferts by 75%.

Do a few more water changes till the tank cleans up, then back off.

Excel is only going to increase growth maybe 200-400%, whereas CO2 gas will increase it 1000-2000%.

The directions are for lightly planted tanks, if you have plenty of plants, you need more. FYI, I've bred fish in tanks dosed that much, and there's 101 people suggesting dosing 2-3x what I'm suggesting to kill algae etc.
I've likely used excel longer than anyone on this forum and at that dose(Check APD if you wish, it was a time before "forums" existed).

Your light plan is good.

Tom Barr

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