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Update - FLAME MOSS hair cut!

Well I finally gave in and decided to give my Flame Moss a major trim! With 2 berried Tangerine Tigers and 1 saddled Rili, I decided I needed to do it sooner than later in case little shrimplets are in the moss.

At first I cut the flame moss on the Manzanita, but since the FM was so long, it browned a bit at the base. So I decided to just pull it all off, cut off all the browned FM and re-tie some on the branches. Anyway, I think the FM grows pretty fast in the conditions in this tank.
Note: I now have a TON of Flame Moss to sell. PM if you're interested in some and if it's not too cold where you live since I don't have heat packs.
So here it is... some pics

Before Picture:

and After Picture:

The huge ball of flame moss... it's much bigger, I squeezed it together.

And it's holding box (floating breeder box) in my 10g Dwarf Puffer Tank.
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