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Adding to Gravel

Hi. Im not new to keeping fish, but am fairly new to planted tanks. I started out with a few anubias in my 100g, as sort of practice.

Now, Im thinking of adding more plants. I have been looking to place stargrass, vals, corkscrew vals, dwarf hg and dwarf sags. My current substrate is ~2 inches of pea gravel. I have read these plants will grow in gravel, but may need to be supplemented with root tabs.

I was wondering if it would help to add sand just in the areas I plant on, or is there a way of putting in an enriched substrate into an established tank?

I have a 100g with a 35g sump, loaded with jap mats and 6 lbs of media supplemented by a few ammonia and nitrite reducing pads. I have an HBRTG, IT, Flagtail and 5 Clown Loaches, so it isnt heavily stocked. I probably wont get an ammonia spike if I disturb the gravel, so it could be an option.

I understand that the loaches may eat the plants, but Im willing to work with it. I figure Ill keep them well fed.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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