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Sorry for the long delay I was being prevented from posting while on my phone for some reason.

The light is a GE 20 watt Cool White Florescent tube

The substrate is laterite partially covered in sand.

The cloudiness has cleared up but the red leafy plants seem to be dying. I am going to try to get a new light this Friday. Any suggestions, I'd like to keep this as simple as I can.
I'm almost positive the green plant is Dwarf Hair Grass. It looks like it is growing,or maybe its just not so squished together from the packaging, not sure. However it looks like it is growing algae on the tips. As long as it's not going to kill the plant this does not bother me too much. My old tank was covered in algae due to the crazy bio load from the 50 inches of cichlids (that's why I sold them.)

If anyone has any suggestions for types of plants or fish for a low tech, low light tank feel free. I'm open to anything right now.
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