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The color issues mentioned may be the glass...

I love the landscaping.

I checked out this thread last week thinking the cube may be the same I had on order online. Is it the Hagen/Marina cube they advertise for bettas that comes with a light blue acrylic top and a very poor LED light?

If so, the color issues mentioned above may be due to the actual glass. I put my wabi kusa in one last night and tried 3 different lights and could not figure out why my plant ball suddenly looked "sickly" to me, esp. the red plants. I eventually just left the light on that I had had over the original vase over it.

Tonight I remembered your thread. I took off the blue top and that helped matters as even with the hole for the light I was getting some light seeping thru the lid onto the plants.

Then I just put it all back in the original 5 dollar vase and voila! instant color makeover back to vibrant green, etc. Mine, at least, seemed to have some tint to the glass that was making the colors look funky to me. I will be sending it back. However, loved the size, the depth, and the price. Anyone know where I can find something similar??? sigh. Even nano setups can be such money pits .

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