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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
I think that the issue with that is that a lot of facilities might not be able to handle the volume of people coming in to pickup thier mail. My PO is one of them. Parking sucks, there are only a couple hundred PO boxes and there's probably 5,000 people served by my PO so there wouldn't be the PO boxes for everyone, the building is small so having more than a few people inside at a time things get cramped...the idea of going to the PO doesn't bother me too much. A little inconvenient but if it'll save jobs and possible the USPS as a whole, I'd suck it up and go pick up my mail.
Yep, I understand that right now it wouldn't be possible, but with the savings they could net by laying off all of the delivery people, they could certainly afford to expand their facilities.

I only check my mail once a week right now, and my PO Box once a week as well. Unless I've ordered something of course. And my mailbox is right around the block from my house!

But yeah, as things progress forward I think that things will go this way. In several European countries you either go pick up your mail, or pay a company to bring it to you... I know this was discussed last time they were up against the pension prefunding deadline.(which is ridiculous, they're the only company in the world that has to prepay their employees pensions for future retirees)
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