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it looks like dropsy to me as well. dropsy is a symptom, not a disease. it can have varied causes, but my impression is that once they reach this point, the damage is done. in all cases i've encountered, no amount of medication will help. aquarium salt probably won't do any good, but it's not like it's going to cost you an arm and a leg. it IS possible that's she's just pregnant and bloated, but it looks like the scales are protruding, and i've never seen or heard of that in healthy pregnant livebearers. I usually euthanize any fish that develop dropsy for their sake... I used to treat every little ailment my fish had, but ended up with just as many deaths, if not more, than when I let things take their course, and eliminate obviously ill fish from the tank. (keep in mind I *do* have a UV sterilizer, so ich and the like are no longer a threat... so it's easy for me to advocate a "less meds" approach. those without UVs are left in a tougher spot). In any case, best of luck, and I hope she drops 500 babies for you! (if she does, can you spare 3-4 females and a couple males?)


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