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Which option sounds better to you guys?

Okay, here's my situation. I'm currently working through setting up my first planted tank, a 75g. Once that's completely I'll have two other tanks to work with, a 29g and a 55g. In one of the tanks I plan to have Cichlids and 2 Plecos, and in the other I plan to do planted with barbs and potentially a few other fish.

My initial plan was to do the 29g as the Barb tank, but reading about them now there are a few species of Pleco (including the Bristlenose that I really like) that can be kept in the 29g. Now I'd love to be able to plant the 55g as that gives me more room to work with, but not sure if it's practical to keep Cichlids in a 29g tank. I know there are a lot of smaller species, but do you guys think I'd be able to do 6, 8, or maybe even 10 smaller Cichlids in a 29 with 2 plecos?

And of course... any other ideas from those far more experienced than myself?

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