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Bluestems: Never had much luck in getting mosses to grow. They tend to disintegrate or slowly disappear. I have a small island (in another tank-another experiment-semi botched attempt) with Christmas Moss slowly covering the base, but it's taking its good ol' time growing/spreading.

But maybe I'll try incorporating some (moss) with the existing "leaves". It might look like Spanish moss for a bit, take over, or disintegrate but any way I think it would look ok. Maybe I should use a "branchier" manzanita base so it looks more like a tree than a stick?

If I don't find the petite anubias reasonable, might try dwarf baby tears. I tried to grow that out before, but it came wrapped in some fiberglass-like crap and although I tried to pick it off, a lot of it was floating around like shredded wheat. Afraid a fish would eat it or something. Also hard plugging those sprouts in the substrate, and they were everywhere but where I wanted them. I could tie them to the branch, though. Can't be any harder than fly-tying.

I think an Easter Island tank would be interesting, especially adding fish that have Moai looking faces
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