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Here's an updated availability list with a few pictures, too!
  • Aglaonema simplex ($2) This smaller-growing "Chinese evergreen" lives in swamps in Southeast Asia. It is not an especially attractive plant, but it is easy to grow and a good plant to have if you collect aroids. These specimens are about 12" tall.
  • Bolbtis heteroclita ($2) Unlike its popular aquarium relative, B. heudelotii, this interesting fern is difficult to grow underwater, but it can grow well in wet places with its leaves in the air. Plant with the rhizome on top of the substrate.
  • C. ciliata ($1.50) This unusual crypt is adapted to grow in brackish estuary swamps, but it also grows very well in freshwater. The striking red spathes (leaf-like flower hood) have a strong pumpkin aroma.
  • C. lucens ($2.50) This short, green crypt with grassy foliage is easy to grow and useful for aquascaping.
  • C. walkeri ($3) The attractive brown foliage of this easy-to-grow Sri Lanka crypt is useful for the midground area of planted aquascapes.
  • C. pontederiifolia ($2.50) This is one of my favorite plants! It grows well underwater or emersed and can get to be pretty large (12"+) with time. Emersed plants bloom frequently with yellow-throated spathes.
  • C. petchii ($3) Easy-to-grow smaller crypt with patterned leaves. Good for aquascaping.
  • C. wendtii ‘Green’ ($3) This short-statured green crypt is quite useful for aquascaping, especially when planted in groups in the aquarium foreground. It will also grow very well emersed.
  • Lagenandra thwaitesii ($3) Don't miss out on this unusual plant! The very attractive, sturdy leaves sport silver margins. I have only grown this plant emersed, but it can apparently grow underwater, too.

C. lucens - This picture shows two individual plants.

A. simplex

C. petchii - This picture shows two individual plants.

L. thwaitesii - This picture shows two individual plants.
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