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Ua hua! I know....haven't seen you around for a little bit. Thanks for dropping by! Yes, those are UVL Red Suns. From what I read online here and elsewhere, they are supposed to be a little annoying to look at. And though they are a bit "eye-catching," I don't find them to be a distraction. Yet.

Marko and Mr. Kookm--OK, I'll try to get a picture posted tonight!

UPDATE: So far, so good with the new lights. I'm starting to see tints of red in some growth on other plants, and no noticeable issues yet regarding algae or anything like that. I keep my water column pretty lean on the nutrient load regarding ferts and food, so I wouldn't expect algae issues. That said, I'll feel a lot better once a few weeks have passed and things are still looking fine.

Took some new pics yesterday and the day before with the new lighting. Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Click to enlarge!!

Crypt leaves:

Crypt nurii:

Metallic Red Patch:

Starting to get some nice moss growth on some of the manzanita branches:

Noticing some nicer colors on the tillandsia species just down to the center left:

Front of the tank, left side.....incredibly, this is with ONLY four bulbs running:

Left side of the tank...again only four bulbs running;

Front of the tank, center:

Nice shot of some of the plant species....there are many species in this one shot...buce's, crypts, lileopsis, sagittaria, persicaria, ludwigia, alternanthera, staurogyne, anubias:

Front of the tank, right side:

Top of the "dusk"...

Closer look at a branch....the original vine grew a new shoot, which is what is in the picture on the moss, and the old vine died....odd:

Thanks for looking!

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