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Looking for Theme Ideas

So I'm toying with the idea of turning my tank into a themed edition. Only problem is - there is no way I will be able to start from scratch. I do not want to kill my fishies and I have no other tank that they can live in while I transition things.

SO: My first question is, is this a horribly dangerous idea? Would moving around my hardscape/plants/substrate damage my water parameters to the point of mass kill-offs??

If your answer is yes, PLEASE POST.

If your answer is no, I would love suggestions for a theme I could go for while using the substrate and maybe some of the hardscape that is already in my tank (I -need- wood in my tank as I have 2 clown plecos). I am hoping to do something unique (instead of copying someone else's tank), but I am at an aquascaping-idea-block.

Suggestions encouraged!

My tank as of 2 days ago:

RIP 50 gal... Starting a new 12g Edge; next year comes the 90 gallon!
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