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Sorry for keeping quiet regarding my journal. Just thought I'd let you know how things are going at the moment.

Sulawesi Shrimp: He is doing great and I'm actually surprised that he is still alive. I asked the guy at the LFS today if he had anymore left as I was about to pay for a Sakura Goldenback shrimp, and he replied "Yes, have only two left, but you cannot keep them with these guys, they need a PH of around 8 and the shrimp you have need about 6.5-7". I said to him that I already have a Sulawesi Cardinal and he was pretty surprised that it's still alive too. Keep your fingers crossed guys. He is adorable and I hope he lives a happy and long life!

Golden Snail: I took the Apple snail back today. One the of the reasons I am not uploading any photos is because the tank is looking a bit disastrous at the moment. The snail managed to eat most of the plants. I fed him but he seems to love eating the fresh new shoots that my plants were giving out. I replaced him for a smaller Golden Apple. The guy at the LFS was a bit baffled as to this one eating plants as they usually don't. He simply said that sometimes you get some that are "b@stards!". I hope this new little dude turns out to be different and stays away from the plants.

I'm going to get a few new plants to replace the old chewed up nasty looking ones so after things settle in I will definitely have some new photos up!
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