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No I don't plan on keeping them. I plan on selling them to the owner of the pet store I work at. Also I know all about the problems of invasive species as I went to school for field ecology and worked for a couple of years with the MNR.

I also know that RES are technically a tropical species, and altho there's been sightings as far north as Tobermory, there is slim to no possibility of them surviving a winter in the wild up here. Let alone surviving healthy enough to breed.

Also being as how they will end up being sold in the pet store I work at, I know they will go to responsible owners. The manager and I are both avid turtle keepers, and don't sell the turtles to "anyone."

As far as Rescues go I have re-homed my fair share. (20+ turtles) And my 5 are all recues as well. So I am well aware of the problem. That being said, there is a market for baby RES, and with increased restrictions on imported aquatic species, they are no longer (legally) being brought into Canada. I'm hoping to fill a economic niche for the pet industry. I do not plan on actively breeding, but nor will I prevent it from happening or kill any eggs/babies that survive.

I know I'm going to get flak for this but it is my decision, and one I have done much research on. Please respect that and don't lecture. Thanks.
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