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Third, the shrimp vs filter dilemma:

In October I bought some "supreme cherry shrimp" from speedieaquatics. Same dude that goes by speedie408 here on TPT. Started with 12 or so, now I've got 25+ swimming around. Love it! However...

Whenever my filter flow slows, I open it up and rinse out the little pad that catches poop, leaves, whatever. A few weeks after I had my shrimp, I did that and found 10-20 little shrimp on it. Depressing. So I cover the intake with pantyhose and it still happens. I have no idea how they get in. And recently, bigger shrimps have been getting past the pantyhose AND the filter pad AND the foam and end up in my spray bar. Right now I can see five in there. ?

So I decided to get a canister filter. I have wanted an Eheim for over a year, but could never talk my wife into spending $80 bucks on a quality filter, until now! I'm pretty pumped to not have my Fluval Nano inside my tank, taking up space, being a shrimp trap. It's a good filter, I should do a review on it since I couldn't really find a good one when I was wondering if I should buy it, but the external canister is gonna be pretty sexy.
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