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Yo dude, Remember about 1.5 months ago i Pm'd you about my diatoms issues? I told you that i had browning around edges of leaves etc... My rotala's were melting / not growing and they are fast growers and my pogo. erectus just began rotting, pretty much terrible. I swore it wasn't diatoms since i could not wipe the brown [censored][censored][censored][censored] off. Well im not sure if this is what you are experiencing but a blackout really saved me. I struggled for 2 months getting it to go away but it refused. 1 blackout later, all my plants have recovered. i replaced the pogo since it was just hurt too badly, and my wisteria that i had in a bucket helped Solo the algae while the plants recovered. Today, things are still growning nicely, but i still think the rotalas could grow even faster. Not really sure if i am expecting too much to get like 5 inches in a week. Might want to try the blackout before you ditch the tank.
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