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Originally Posted by Kudaria View Post
Flourite takes alot of washing (a whole lot in fact its sorta scary how muddy the water is when you first wash it) however unlike some other products which claim not to affect water pH and lie (like Eco Complete) it actually doesn't affect water pH.

Other than the initial time washing I really like the Flourite, my plants certainly seem to be doing well in it. As the poster above noted the regular Flourite isn't a sand, in fact there is only one sand substrate sold by Seachem and thats Black Onyx Sand which is meant for chiclid tanks.

I don't have any experience with FloraMax but the fact its made by CaribSea (I think) discourages me from getting it after my disastrous experience with Eco Complete.
I'd have to completely agree. Eco-complete & Floramax changes my pH too much (way too high of a pH) for my liking. While Flourite is smaller, and thus will take a few days before the dust settles in a new tank, in the longterm I adamantly believe it is the better substrate.'s way overrated.
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