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First of all, Thank you Darkcobra! I've been trying to eradicate staghorn for a couple of months without success.

After reading the thread I decided to try this method out. I had no reservations since my inhabitants are 3 serpae tetras and 10 neons. When I started for some reason I dosed the tank in teaspoons NOT tablespoons. Effectively reducing the dose by two thirds. I have a 55 gallon heavily planted with about 15 gallons of substrate, rock and plants. I did not remove my filter material. It is only the blue filter material one gets by the roll cut to fit in a corner overflow (was an old reef tank). I added 60ml of peroxide and a 1700LPH powerhead to my 2000LPH main pump. So to say the least I had plenty of flow! I constantly moved the powerhead around hitting everything, uprooting a few lol. After 20 minutes I changed 50% of the water.

The fish showed absolutely no signs of stress. In fact, they were trying to eat small plant pieces floating around. As soon as I finished I realized I underdosed the tank. Since I had to leave town for a few days I decided to just continue to overdose with API CO2 booster (no LFS carries Excel around here) and see what happens. It's been 5 days now and there is certainly improvement. I saw no increase in nitrate, nitrites or ammonia. If the algae does not disappear within a couple of weeks I will redose with the same "underdoseage".

I thought it would be helpful to post my results even though it was not the 30ml/gallon recommendation since it WAS effective. It may be another method for those that have sensitive inhabitants to do multiple applications at a much smaller dose. I kind of view it like antibiotics for us. One pill won't do very much but a few days worth will.

Hairgrass before the treatment...

Five days after treatment...
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