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Talking My RES Layed eggs :)

I'm so excited my RES laid eggs a couple days ago. I'm really hoping they're fertile and I've got them incubating at the moment. Temperatures are varying between 83.4, and 84.9 fahrenheit, and humidity is at 85%. They were laied on Feb 3. I'm expecting the m to hatch in about 2 months.

There were 9 eggs total

The improvised incubator is a 5 gallon aquarium filled with about 2 inches of water, and a 50 watt aquarium heater. The eggs are nestled in perlite, in a plastic deli container with a section of the lid cut open. The deli container is just floating in the water. I have a digital thermometer with a probe tucked in with the eggs, a glass aquarium thermometer in the water, and a terrarium thermometer and hygrometer sitting on top of the deli container. There's a piece of plexi covering the whole set-up to keep the humidity in.

The turtles themselves are kept in a 90 gallon aquarium that about 1/3 of it has been set aside for basking/egg laying. This picture was just after I set it up. It didn't stay that pretty very long. I did have a massive trickle filter on the tank, but I've since replaced that with a fluval 404.

Here are some if the turtles, I didn't have the mother of the eggs yet when this pic was taken. The Dark one at the bottom is the father. The one just above and to the right was given to a friend. The tiny one at the top is a mississippi map, and the other two are two more RES females.

And here are some of the turtle friends living in the tank with them.

I'll keep posting updates about the eggs
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