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I just setup a 40g with about 25-30 lbs of STS (I think its too much sub, about 1.5-2 inched in the front and like 3-4 inches in the back, i threw some bacopa in the deep part when I was setting it up and half of it is melting away) , going on 12 days now and cant get the ph above 5.5. Ive added nuetral regulator like everyother day, and it will go up to 6.8 and right back down in a hour or two. The only thing ive been adding is prime to my tap which is 7.2, gh 5-6, kh 2-3, tds 220, and my tank is at 5.5, gh 2-3, kh 0-1, tds 400+ due to all the regulator I added and Seachem Stability which i think is the culprit for my ph. Do I need to get my kh up to stablize the ph better or let it run for a few more weeks with no more nuetral regulator?
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