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Right after adding my first live plant in an old aquarium years ago, I vowed I would always use "real" decor. No fake wood, ships, rocks, anything. You could always tell they were fake, and for me, just threw off the look. I always wanted to capture the look as if you were in a lake or something, and have it look like if you just put you head underwater and opened your eyes. The other week I was walking in a pet store with my son and in the reptile section, they had this crocodile skull (top half), and it looked good. Even some of the inner skull around the eyes was done to look real. So we bought it and put it in. I figure crocs die in the wild and their bones would sink. After about a week, it darkened (was bright at first) and looked killer. I had notice on the box it came in, they also made primate ones, again just the top half. So I got 2. I love the look!!!!! They too will darken in about a week.

210 g - Empty right now
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