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Cut back on feeding the fish for a few days while you are cycling, feeding them every other day. Don't do 50% every day just do 25-50% every 3 days, you need to give the bacteria a chance to grow.

The goal would be to get wc's down to 1 a week around 40-50%.

Deal with the fish/water cycling before you worry about the plants.

I would stop all "water changing chemicals" or products and give the tank a chance to work through it's natural cycle. The water changes should do enough. Make sure you are always using a dechlorinator aka stress coat, when adding new water.

Check ammonia levels daily, when you get it down to 1 or less you can go to weekly water changes.

Then start watching your Nitrites/Nitrates.
Always remember, better to underfeed than overfeed, especially on a new tank.

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