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The hearts are a temporary novelty for Valentines.

puopg: Don't make me pull out a white rabbit and perch it on the driftwood; I was saving it for Easter

Thank you for the suggestion, bluestems, I'll have to look into it.
I'm only familiar with some species of aquatic plants, and want something more shape-able like topiary, and a red version would be ideal. Learning more every day

The crystal is natural, and the miniature roses last as long under water as any cut flower in a vase-or those "Aquatic" plants sold at some larger chain pet stores.
Not all cut flowers can be put in a tank with fish, some can be toxic or contain pesticides.

The Moon is a removable decal and glows in the dark, so some tree and fish silhouettes are visible for an hour after lights-out.

Maybe for Mardi Gras I should hang some beads off the trees and throw in an empty booze bottle? Hmmm....
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