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Is this a good setup?

I'm looking at buying the Nova extreme t5 w/ lunar lights.I want to get the 36 inch w/ four 39watt bulbs for my 46gal bow front.I'm planning on swapping out the bulbs for four 6700K bulbs or two 6700k bulbs and two 10,000k bulbs.This would put @ about 3.4 wpg..i'm looking for opinions on this..has anybody had good experience w/ this fixture..would i even use the lunar light too...??I dont want to go w/ the coralife aqualight double because that would put me @ 4.1 wpg.I"m not really looking for a high light tank.What do you guys think?I've also been thinking about getting the oceanic power compact fixture w/ two 55 watt bulbs for 110 watts which would be about 2.4 wpg...what do you guys think? Thanks

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