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Originally Posted by PeterN1986 View Post
Nice start, the ludwigia is looking really pretty. I just started my DSM for my tank at work at around the same time you did. I am also just misting twice a day (did not submerge substrate) with excel and a dry fert mixture and growth is looking good. Will be interesting to compare our growth rates.
Thanks. I'm just misting dechlorinated tap water at the moment, but this is a dirted tank so I'm crossing my fingers and hope that they're getting enough nutrients to have adequate, healthy growth.
If this was an experiment, I'd say mine is the control and yours is the experimental tank haha. Since I'm not dosing, we could observe the difference in growth between our tanks and see how much a difference the ferts are making. I agree, it would be extremely interesting. You should make a journal and post the link here!
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