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Thanks Turbo! I haven't played the SNES in awhile, but it still does work. PS3 and PC keep my attention plenty, but it's always nice to go back for some DK, Mario, or Megaman once in awhile!

As for the thread, I'll definitely read through it after the Flyers game, but my idea has now completely changed from the picture I originally posted so it being center won't be an issue.

Got these guys in today...

First off, I had no idea the Filter would be so complicated and have so much power. I have a basic HOB filter with my 29g that has a single insert, and so this is just a bit of a jump up. The test kit allowed me to begin my fishless cycle today, with 15ml of 10% ammonia pushing me to between 5-6ppm.

Next up is my rock formation. This could very well change, but I do like the cover it would provide my raphael. There are some nice natural dark areas in there and I may put a background on the tank to simply cut down on daytime light coming in from the window.

Here is an overview shot of the tank at this point. Plant is ceratopteris silquosa, and was an experiment in the 29g that frankly was not going very well. I threw away a lot of dying bits and only planted those doing alright. I placed in my first homemade fert tab, and tomorrow I'll start adding the liquid ferts as well. The skull is just a temporary measure from my 29g to help quicken the cycling.

And here is the glass tops nearly completed. I'm going to wait until the tank is 100% done to cut the plastic strip and add it once I know for sure what is going where as far as things going into and coming out of the tank.

And from a member here I've purchased:
2 bulbs of the Red Tiger Lotus, 3 stems of Limnophila aromatica, and 3 stems of Red Ludwigia, and am waiting for all that to arrive. I really don't have plans for much yet, other than I still like the idea of some green grass out in front of the rock with the Red Tiger Lotus planted along side it to grow over it a bit.

75g Journal:
29g Journal:
TPT says I'm an algae grower... I'd like to think of myself as one hell of a Cabomba farmer.
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