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ok so this is what the friend of mine told me when i was asking today

"technically UN ID'd.... says they are one of the cardinia babaulti complex...
not sure which... or if thats it.... think they might be neo cardinia... I dont think so ... I think right..... but there hasnt been a 100% ID on them...
Some folks told me they THOUGHT they were "rainbow" shrimp... but those rainbows... STAY various colors... THESE change...
SO since we cant get a 100% ID... they are crazy green WASABIS.... LOL and i put in the auctions that thinks they are carinida babaulti complex, and I think hes right.... Well if it helps... they have bred in everything from SUPER SOFT water....
to my water at its hardest
so say ph of 4.5 all the way to ph of 9
i know they can take temps of 55-95 also... and act like NUTHING ever happened if the temp change is gradual. has told me i can post some of her pics as well if it will help

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