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Originally Posted by dj2005 View Post
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed all of your journals. Keep the updates coming!
Thanks! Just a quick update. I started keeping a powerpoint containing slides of my plants & their names, to help me with remembering them. I'm getting better, but I still struggle with some of the Rotala, Ludwigia, and Hygrophila species.

I planted a TON of new plants over the past week, thanks to some great RAOKs that I received. My Cabomba Furcata which was originally a 4" stem has turned into 4 stems, each about 6" tall now and growing an inch or more per day... I want to plant a whole forest of them on the right side of my tank. I moved all the hygrophila species over to the left side of the tank too. To make room for plants I had to remove some smaller hardscape that was getting lost in there anyway

I also ordered some new mosses which I plan to set up in a moss-only nano tank soon.

I updated the FTS at the top of the thread, and once things recover from my disruption, I'll post some good pictures of the new plants
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