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Thanks for the input folks! I've been sick with the flu and can't remember if the Nitrates or Nitrites are over 0. I tested a few days ago after a WC. The water is good and stable and I remembered the only level that was over 0 was the good one.

Right the only fish in the tank are 3 tiger barbs and a common pleco that's crapping up a storm. I hope to get rid of the pleco as soon as I feel better and replace it with a couple otos or something. I'm starting to get a little algae on the sand and it almost looks blueish. Because it is sand the pleco won't touch it (i'm guessing). The lights are on a good 12hrs a day and I'm guessing that is why the algae is starting. Never had a problem with it until I planted the plants. The storm of pleco poop probably isn't helping matters either.

The cabomba has almost reached the surface. I was already contemplating on trimming it and replanting.

I was also going to try some liquid carbon (excel flourish or something) to try to knock back the algae and encourage some more growth in my green friends, but then I got sick. Maybe I'll grab some in a few days when I feel like getting out to the store.
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