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Re: Fluval 406 with awful flow...

Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
Hey Guys,

I just saw and read threw this thread, and I am very surprised to hear about the problems with the 406 filters! I have 1-204 and 2-205, and they are awesome!!! Very quiet, strong flow, easy to clean, so no complaints here!

So anyway BEST OF LUCK in getting this thing fixed!
Hey Drew,

Thanks for the suggestions. I just did the trick with the sponges when I serviced it this time. Let's see how that works between this service and the next one.

Does the impeller cover for the 20x series work with the 406?

Have you taken a look at the bottom of the canister to see if there's a channel for water to flow? It may be different on the 10x/20x series of filters.

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