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Originally Posted by d2mini View Post
Neatfish, don't let all that talk scare you. You want to be wary of what you are touching but IMHO it's being blown WAY out of proportion. Just use common sense. Don't go digging around with open wounds on your hands/arms, wash your hands when you are done, don't rub your eyes, etc. Just pay attention to what you are doing. If you have sensitive skin, wear latex medical gloves (with no powders).

I was digging around last night, handling zoas, frogspawn, etc. I handle anemones, crabs, cucumbers, fish, urchins... all with my bare hands. I have 24" long stainless forceps that I use to grab the occasional mantis shrimp or pull out something when I don't feel like getting wet, but there is no way I would attempt to place sensitive coral or glue a frag with them. Not enough control. Relax and enjoy the hobby. There is nothing as interesting and fun to watch as a full blown reef aquarium so don't let all that stuff up there scare you off.

Check out my build thread on RC sometime.

Man that's a nice looking tank and house.
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