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Fluval Spec V Office Tank

Pretty new to the forum, but I wanted to share my office tank. It hasn't been the cheapest setup, put it's a conversation starter It's about 3 weeks along. Specs below:

Tank: Fluval Spec V
Filter: Fluval sponge filter / Finnex P360
Light: Finnex Fugeray 16"
Substrate: Eco-Complete
CO2: Fluval Mini CO2 with dumb passive diffuser (seems to do the job)
Fert: mix of EI dry fert and seachem liquid ferts to suppliment (just started ferts)

Flora: Anubias, Water Sprite, Bacopa, DHG, Sagitteria, One of those java moss balls from Petco...sorry, i like them
Fauna: Dwarf Gourami, 2 Corys, 3 Otos, 3 Nerites, 6 Ghost Shrimp

*I'd be open for suggestions on different scaping/Flora for this tank. The water sprite grows like a weed in there, and I might replace it with something else.

***Edit 4/24/2013 Update*** New images
The tank has gone through a lot of growth and trimmings since I started it. It has some GSA on the anubias because I haven't been in the office for 6 days. Overall, I think the Finnex Fugeray has been a great investment over the stock Spec LED.
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