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Ebay , what happens during disputes?

At the start of January i decided to help my sister out by selling some of her baby clothes since she as at work and i had the month off. Fast forward a week and all were sold, everybody paid apart from one buyer. I noticed that she was from Brazil and the auction clearly stated " Ships to U.S residents only" so i wrote to her explaining that i would not ship to Brazil and the clothes would be offered to the next highest bidder. She replied back saying "No, no ! please dont do that. I have a friend who lives in the U.S so please ship to her address and she will ship to me in Brazil.
I agreed and on the 5th Jan i sent her package to her friend, 1 week later she gives me negative feedback saying "no communication, stole my money" I sent her a message explaining that i did send the package and if she wanted the tracking number i would send it to her, I got no response.

Today is the 4th week since she bought the clothes and i recieve an email again from her saying she is taking action because i am a "deadbeat who steals peoples money" I started doubting myself for a minute thinking the package might not have been delivered or somehow got lost so i looked up the tracking number and double checking her friends address that she gave me. It was delivered 10th Jan to her friend.

Now paypal have sent me all kinds of dispute paperwork and to be honest i have no idea what to do. Im mad that she gave me a nagative feedback (my first one) but im even madder that i now have to read this "book" and waste time settling something that i know was delivered by UPS.

Has this happened to anyone before ? What do i do ?

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