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260 Vicenza advice

Here's my fluval Vicenza 260 that's about a month old and just starting to flourish.

My equipment:
2 * 39W T5
2 * 54W T5
Producing 3.2W per gallon

Fluval 305 filter
Vecton 300 UV
DD CO2 system
Inline co2 atomiser running 3 bubbles per second
1 * Hydor koralia 900 circulation pump

Current fish:
6 * angelfish varying sizes and names!
2 * clown loaches
2 * rams
5 * danios
2 * gourami
1 * very well mannered red tail shark

Here's some pictures:

Front view:


Glosso carpet beginning:

Eriocaulon cinereum (planted today) and fire moss:

Planned upgrades:

Refillable co2 bottle either co2 extinguisher or a2kg bottle

Flival g6 or eheim professional 3

Any advice/critics I could/should do?


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