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Walstad substrate uncertainty

So I've pretty much read every forum and article google will send me to regarding the walstad method and I've even read her book (Skipping over the heavy scientific parts) but there are still a few things I'm questioning before I go dirting a 10 gallon I'm planning.

From what I've read, I've decided to definitely go with Miracle Grow Organic Potting Soil and use a gravel cap. 1'' of soil 1'' of gravel. I've also decided I will definitely soak the soil and skim off any large chunks of wood for at least a day or two before I put it into the tank. I'm wondering if I should mix gravel or something into the soil. I have some Malaysian driftwood in the package I received it in waiting for me to set this thing up. I do plan on planting HEAVILY. I've decided to go with a regular hang-on filter with the floss only for water movement and mechanical filtration.

I live in an apartment and want to keep the mess to a minimum!!!

I'm really just hoping someone with some REAL and practical experience can give me some last minute layman's pointers and tips.

I've kept a planted tank before using eco-complete and the stock lighting on an eclipse 12 (1.1 WPG) in a sunny room. Some articles by Tom Barr sort of convinced me to avoid the dirt route. It did great and met all of my expectations. (I abandoned that tank at my mothers house when I moved almost a year ago.) Some plants died off due to neglect after I moved but the java ferns are still thriving. I plant to move a couple into this tank when I get it set up.) That whole experience taught me that most things are easier than people make them out to be.

So I'm not a total newbie, but as such, I'm sure there is something I'm overlooking which could be totally avoidable.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated!!!
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