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Originally Posted by NWA-Planted View Post
Ok not to be rude by any stretch but 900 a pump?? If your only going to be running 1200 gph, why wouldn't regular aquarium pumps work?

I can see wanting the flexibility etc just seems a little expensive for something your not fully using it's potential O.o

Just doing a quick search saw a pond pump that was 2100 gph using 70 watts, just curious as to the choice of pool pump. As stated earlier not trying to be rude or whatever just trying to understand i have been known to miss things

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Yes it is expensive, but a regular aquarium pump doesn't have the overhead power that this type does. So should he want to re-arrange his aquarium to a higher position, the more RPMs capable the pump the more head it can accommodate; moreover, with the higher RPM threshold, he could conceivably empty the entire tank in a dramatically short period of time, should a catastrophic failure occur. A 100 gallon aquarium could potentially be emptied by a 2100 GPH pump in less than a minute if my math is correct (at full throttle...someone can confirm my calculations?). And if you have a 100 gallon tank leaking into your living room, having that option is a life saver, IMHO. And these options aren't built into lower quality equipment (and I'm sure rBarn could point out other advantages as well that I haven't thought of). One really does "get what they pay" provided that they've done the requisite research.

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