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The tank was fully cycled. It had been running for over four months. I was not paying attention to the ph in that specific tank because I had always used water from my RO/DI system which gave me a good ph. When my shrimp started dying off in the tank withe the floramax substrate, I decided to check the ph and found it was through the roof. I then proceeded to isolate the variables by checking the substrate in a small container by itself. Within 30 seconds, the ph raised over 1 on ph scale. Haha,ammonia and nitrite levels were at 0 for those who think the tank was not cycled ( I am not that big of a dummy). I called Carib Sea and the manager of sales told me that a few bags had been contaminated from a seam of lime stone that ran above the quarry where they collect the midnight black Floramax material. In the end I got a refund and free bag of eco complete.

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