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Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
Wow, your tank is AWESOME!! And that betta!
Where'd you get you azolla?? I looked it up and really want some!
All my tanks are kinda collectoritis..I can't help it! Gotta catch em all! LOL.
Haha, thank you.
I got the azolla off an awesome tpt member acitydweller, who is local
I'm adding blyxa to my tank tomorrow >.> one more plant to the collection!
We need a plantedex

Btw this is totally off topic... but I have a Rhode Island Red hen back in Australia

Originally Posted by chibikaie View Post
Kuro looks like a flower
XD he was hunting for blackworms i think...

Originally Posted by Open_Cages View Post
Wonderful tank! Lucky fish.. I'd live in it

What filter are you running? Also, what lighting do you have to sustain all of that?
I'm running an azoo mignon 60/redsea nano/ deep blue nano (they're almost all identical) and a 23a 6500k cfl.
here's a pic of the light, it's shared between two tanks

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