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Fishroom and Air question

ok here is my dilema, I have a fishroom and one wall has 18 15 gallon tanks in racks on it each rack of 6 tanks has it's own sump, and some of my tanks have sponge filters, some have undergravels, and one rack has a fluidized bed.

For the tanks with air driven extras, would it make sense to plumb up an air supply that could be later driven with a linear piston pump? I currently have a Danner AP-8 running one rack with leftover outlets on it. I just do not like the octopus of airlines, even if I do have a whole roll of the stuff.

Mostly, would it be counterproductive to reroute the 4 outlets of this pump, and/or the 2 outlets of my old supreme dynamaster pump, into one pvc run with drops for each tank? would the outlets fight each other and actually give me less air than I have now? I do have the option of a HUGE blower, a 1/2 horse GAST regenerative blower that I bought on a silly whim quite a few years ago, then decided not to use as it would suck a large amount of power. There are other tanks in the room, and I'd like to mattenfilter some of them eventually, but right now it's just the asthetics of the airlines that bother me more than anything.
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