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Originally Posted by Merth View Post
Hey Chris have you tried this method using the metricide? Let me know if you want to Ive got a gallon sitting around. Might have to hit my african tank with it and see never can be rid of the dang bba.
I actually do use Metricide 14 now for all treatments, as well as normal carbon supplementation. But unless discussing Metricide specifically, I prefer to just say Excel, since more people are familiar with that; and I convert Metricide dosages (at 2.6% glutaraldehyde) to the larger Excel equivalents (1.5%) when posting.

I used to use Excel, and found no difference between it and Metricide once the difference in concentration is accounted for. I love Metricide. It's so much cheaper, I tend to keep a normal dosage in all my tanks, even those tanks that don't need it because they have CO2. Doing this keeps sensitive plants like vals and anacharis acclimated to it, so I never have to worry about melting if I move them between tanks.
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