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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post

Why the groves in the top of the legs? Also are the legs regular 2x4s glued together?

Awesome no one has subscribed to one of my threads before! I needed the grooves so the retractable handles could be in the most stable postion, which is where the legs are.

Originally Posted by pweifan View Post
This is very cool. Looking forward to updates.

Originally Posted by moonshinetheslacker View Post
This looks like its going to be pretty awesome! It looks like you've softened all the hard edges with a sander instead of using a router (a personal favorite of mine, as the detail makes it slightly more personal instead of standard) and I'm guessing you are going to whitewash or leave the wood uncovered and unstained. Im sure its all going to be beautiful.

I do have two very small recommendations. Make appropriate cuts in your bottom shelf so you can install cabinet doors at a later date (think 5 or 10 years down the road) you can even place the cuts innthe back, so the front will still look the same. That, and find a spot to install a paper towel holder!! The second bit was very sage advice given to me when I was building my Asian aquarium stand.

Peace be with you. Good luck with your bad @@@ stand.
Thanks! yes I used a sander. The gurney was coated in a finish (sorry cant remember what it is, but it was used to refinish an old table) that made it very smooth and watertight, the rest is painted.

I'm not quite sure what kind of cuts you're describing but oh well I've already got some doors on ha Definitely appreciate the advice on the paper towel holder it will be added to the design!
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