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Originally Posted by VAtanks View Post
So basically the end result would be N2 in a crystaline form at the soil/water contact point as a result of DNRA? I did find a few more articles one from a text book from 07, still relavant though
January 2008, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp 99-111

Good job Dark, I happen to have gotten into fish tanks not for their beauty but for the science...thanks for fanning the flame.
Nitrogen is not crystalline, nor is it the end product of DNRA. The end result of DNRA is ammonia/ammonium, depending on pH.

Regarding your link to the article (not a textbook), it points out that "the importance of DNRA in freshwater sediments appears to be minor relative to DNF."

As I previously mentioned, DNRA is probably rarer than denitrification.


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