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Hello there! I too am low tech. I've been at it since July, and I've been adding pretty much week to week. I use very low light, no CO2 and only dose osmocote+ in my 29 gallon evrer other month or so. Since i've been sticking to low maintenance plants, I've been pretty successful.

I'm giving a little background because I'd like to offer my two cents to you. You mentioned that your anacharis and java moss haven't been doing so well, right? I'd have to say it is because of the Excel dosing. Through research and a lot of reading on these forums, the consensus is that these 2 plants will melt, as will vals. And as far as the java fern goes, I think pretty much everyone has that very same problem. I have a bunch, and all of them have at least a little browning to them. You may want to try some windelov or trident java ferns. They both look much better in my opinion, and both have kept their green color for me.

Anubias do great for me. It seems as though they grow in spurts. Sometimes they will shoot out several leaves every other week....sometimes they won't shoot any out at all. Regardless, they are always healthy. I have Frazeri....very nice. And I just put in coffeefolia yesterday. I tied it to a piece of driftwood, and it is by far my favorite of the anubias.

You also might want to try out some Hygros. They look great, grow at a medium pace and are also easy to maintain. And as for floating plants, I use hornwort. It grows super fast, sucks up nitrates and the fish (and shrimp) love hanging out underneath it.
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