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i got mine last feb so been about a year and still buffers from a ph of 7.4 down to 6. and i only use tap water. i dont know how much longer it will last though cause it is starting to break down a bit now as in the balls are not looking so nice and is seeing more "mud" under the top of the substrate. my crs bredd in ph of 7.4. i though the females lost their eggs so i figured i would try the fss. right before i was going to move them to the new tanks with new substrate they dropped babies. i had a few survive but i have low grade crs too S grade is the average with a few SS grade in the mix. so i think alot of it depends on where they original shrimp come from and what parameters they were kept in. i have not decided if i want to mess with new substrate or see if i can get them back to the higher ph yet since i will be moving by nov of this year
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