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Originally Posted by ryantube View Post
Hi all fellow DIYers,

I am a big fan of aquarium diy projects to the point i created a website call There is nothing in there yet but I'd love to choose your best projects to put in there. Of course I will give proper credits for the creators.

Do I get permission to do that in this forum or I need to contact individual authors to get permission?

Thank you and please enlighten me!

Originally Posted by benjaf View Post
While I strongly support the idea, you might want to talk to 'scapegoat', he's working on something similar. It would be a shame to split the community more than it already is!
I'd love more assistance. I've already gotten in touch with a few people regarding using their content for my site I just havent had the time to copy the content over! I'm working 9-5 AND trying to get my freelance business going with more web work, so I've been working some nights already while fitting family time.


if you'd like to work together I'd love the help. I've based my sit around a wiki style and really want to start documenting some things and producing gifs of my own to better explain some ideas.

If you'd like to get involved with my site, please get in touch! The more people the merrier and the stronger the site can become. If you're more keen on sticking it out yourself, the only thing I can suggest is sending PM's to those that you're interested in using their material and requesting permission as I have.

Posting a catch all forum post really doesnt cut if for permission as everyone will be different.

Personally, I'd like to see more help with my site haha.
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