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Originally Posted by DaveMcKenz View Post
Hi Wendy,
It's none of my business but you sound kind of down or depressed even. With 2700 posts, this is not a new toy that has lost its shine. I suspect something else is changing your outlook on aquaristics and maybe other things. That would fall under the category of hopefully just a phase. If I am wrong, I'm sorry. If I'm right, please talk to someone about your problems, whatever they may be. I wish you only the best and please take care.
Good luck,
i feel like that is a little out of line, but wendy didnt seem to take offense.

Wendy, it seems like you're just bored with the routine. Hell, I can't believe you've kept the same tank going for that long!

sounds like it's time to bring some excitement back into keeping that fish tank! Change it up, pass those fish along to someone who will take care of them and redo your tank. Maybe try dirted and minimal ferts. I had amazing luck with a dirt tank capped with eco complete and PPS dosing with hardly a water change. fish and plants flourished and it was an easy tank to take care of.
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