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Angelfish Tank Dark Substrate?

I am going to set my 72 bow front up as an angelfish tank, and I wanted to make it a planted tank. I am new to planted tanks, and didn't have much luck when I tried one years ago. I have spent a good bit of money on the canister filter and lighting, and didn't want to spend a ton on substrate, but I want to do it right. I also want it to last a long time, as I don't plan on moving anytime soon and want this to be a permanent fixture in my home. I have seen black diamond recommended and just dirt. The dirt suggestion scares me a bit because that can refer to a wide range of products and i don't want to add anything that would be harmful to fish. Can you suggest what kind of "dirt" to use? I need a good starter mix suggestion, and what sort of fertilizer to add and how often to add it to maintain fish and plant health. Also, I plan on keeping plecos and clown loaches not sure if that will affect suggestions. Another note, I wanted to use a substrate that would help maintain a slightly acidic tank as that is what Angels prefer (6.5-6.8) Thanks
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