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Resurrecting the 29G

So my dad used to keep a 29G back in the days, and it had fish like neon tetras, angelfish, and plecos. I don't remember too many details except that I knocked it over one day, spilling 29 gallons of water onto the living room floor, with glass, gravel, and fish everywhere. The 29G massacre.

Go forward a decade or so and here I am in my parent's garage, staring at a 29G (with a stand) that he had bought since then that never got filled. My dad asks if I remember the day I knocked over the tank (yes, dad, I do!) and says take it. Awesome, this will fit right into my bedroom where I had some empty space!

So I started with this 29G, the old gravel, and some old equipment like the 13 watt T12 bulb that came with it. I didn't want to spend much, so I went i used those things but bought some Flourite to add to the gravel, new filter and heater, and supplements for the plants. My ambition is to get really good at nice looking planted tanks, without spending much or taking care of it too much. First month or so looked like this:

Not bad, but I wasn't completely satisfied...this feeling was especially true after I bought the Finnex FugeRay LED light. I put that on instead of the old 13 watt T12 light yesterday and rearranged a bunch of things today, including planting some dwarf baby tears (hope that goes well).

Anyways, it's a work in progress, but here are some pictures of the happy inhabitants and the way it looks now. Inhabitants include:

Silver hatchetfish, marbled hatchetfish, rummy nose tetra, pristella tetra, yoyo loach, otocinclus, red cherry shrimp.

Oh, and here is my 10G Red Cherry Shrimp tank!

In the three months that this tank has been up, I've learned how to cycle the tank, understand the dangers of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates, how to acclimate fish properly, and even have battled Ich...and won it without medication. Salt and temperature got rid of all ich in 12 days or so. Sweet.

So I've learned a lot already and lots of appreciation goes to the forums here to get me (back?) into this hobby. I swear I won't knock over this tank!
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